About us

Mariars organizes classical musicians' concerts and touring – both with soloists and ensembles. We are conservative concerning the classical music concert format, but innovative in the organization of concerts. Using the newest IT research for creation of an operational information field we provide all necessary information to musicians, public and media online.

Are you a listener? It's important for us to know what kind of classical music you would like to listen at the concerts, who are your favourite classical music performers, which recordings would you prefer to listen once or to own in your home music archive.

Are you a professional musician? Tell us what kind of music do you perform usually, which compositions would you like to represent to the public, as well as musicians or groups you'd be interested to join to perform together.

Are you a composer? We'll find respectable performers of your music!

Do you produce classical music studio and live recordings? We'll find composers and performers basing on your interests, as well as provide necessary legal support.

Do you organize classical music concerts? We are ready to announce your shows on our website. Maybe we can combine our efforts and produce classical music events together!

All those who care about classical music, are welcome to communicate!